Virginia Attic Insulation Removal & Installation

Contaminated Insulation Removal

Contaminated Attic Insulation removal and replacement is something that should only be done by a professional. We service Fairfax Virginia and surrounding areas like Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Fredericksburg VA, McLean Va, Stafford VA and Burke Va. There are dangers associated with removing contaminated insulation from a cramped Virginia attic or crawl space. From disease to itchy insulation, there are hazards associated in walking in a unfinished attic including wildlife that may still be there.

There are Several reasons to have insulation removed from your attic, crawl space or building:

  • Your Virginia Attic insulation is contaminated with animal feces and Urine
  • Too much insulation in your Virginia Attic, (To much is just as bad as not enough!)
  • Trampled Down Damaged or Smashed attic insulation in your Virginia Home
  • Water Damage or Roof leaking ruined your Virginia Attic insulation
  • Attic Insulation May contain Asbestos (older Virginia Homes)

We often see VA attics that are totally polluted with animal feces from squirrels, raccoons, bats and mice infestations. In many of these cases the feces and urine deposits often create strong odors which can be hazardous and make the home unsafe and unhealthy to live in.

Our professional Fairfax insulation removal experts have developed a safe, effective procedure for removing soiled, damaged and contaminated insulation from attics and crawl spaces. Commercial insulation removal Vacuums are able to remove all of the insulation and other contamination in an attic without any of it traveling through the living space of the home. This ensures that none of the dust, debris or animal feces in the attic makes its way down into your house. This is the safest and most practical way to remove old insulation from an attic.

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If the temperature inside your Virginia Home or Building isn't comfortable in the summer or winter, you probably need better insulation. Fairfax Virginia Attic Insulation Contractors can help! Most Virginia attics and crawl spaces with cooling or heating problems have very thin insulation. Our Fairfax Virginia Insulation installation experts can repair existing construction and add insulation to dramatically reduce your monthly energy costs. If needed, we'll also install brand new vapor barriers to reduce and even eliminate potential damage to your insulation and home structure.

Insulation Removal, Replacement and Installation

Insulation takes about a day to install in your Fairfax VA home. We determine how much insulation you already have in your attic and then calculate how much additional insulation you will need to get to the desired depth. We will also lay out some temporary flooring across the joists to provide safe and easy access to all the areas of your attic. When working on the edges, we make sure to fill enough to cover the tops of the exterior walls without interfering with the flow of air from the eave vents.

Contaminated Attic Insulation removal is something that should be done by a professional. The dangers of removing contaminated insulation from a cramped attic are great. From disease and itchy insulation to the falling hazards associated in walking in a unfinished attic and wildlife that may still be there.

Virginia, VA Attic Restoration

Once all the Contaminated insulation is removed from your Fairfax attic and the area is sprayed and Disinfected. it is then time to have the attic checked for chewed wires, additional droppings and feces, entry and exit points created from the animal infestation, and check all truss and wood structures to make sure they are intact. You should have already been given the choices of what type of insulation you want to put beak in the attic by the attic insulation removal contractor.

The attic insulation should be installed to the Correct R-Factor that is recommended by the county you live in, if there is a question concerning the R-Factor and the county code, check with your counties code compliance office.

When complete, you should have a secure, clean attic that is safe for you and your family. This type of work is Dirty and hot. Don’t trust just anyone with your families safety. Call us for a free estimate on attic insulation removal and replacement in Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County, Fredericksburg, Burke, McLean, Vienna, Chantilly, Annandale, Manassas, Centreville, Culpepper, Dumfries, Falls Church, Great Falls, Herndon, Lake Ridge, Lake of the Woods, Lorton, Nokesville, Oakton, Reston, Springfield, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Triangle, Woodbridge Virginia, VA.